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Posted by HenryStickmin242 - March 18th, 2021

Friday Night Funkin Review

Controls 5/5, The closest thing I can compare this to is DDR, and considering how well the controls in that game, FNF's controls are just as good.

Graphics 4/5, My main problem is that characters like Boyfriend have designs that makes their age unknowable.

Story 5/5, The story is just fine on its own, no problems here

Level Design 4/5 I have one problem with the level design, Some weeks like week 2 have 2 songs compared to the usual 3. Its a bit jarring.

With good music, Good AI design, Good Controls, Good graphics and a nice story, my final rating for this game is a beating week 6 on hard mode feeling out of 10.



Posted by HenryStickmin242 - March 17th, 2021


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Review

Controls: 4/5, For a simple genre, you don't really need a lot of buttons just, A,B,L and R and that is my only problem.

Graphics: 5/5, The graphics depend on which version you are playing with the worst sprites going to IOS and the best going to 3DS. But even then, the sprites are detailed and fit in quite nicely.

Story: 4/5, The story starts with rookie attorney: Phoenix Wright's first case and continues from there. My only problem is that some cases like Turnabout Samurai leaves some holes between cases.

Case Design: 4/5, Each cases is spilt into to gameplay styles, Investigations and Trials. I have only one problem with these Gameplay styles, The Investigations take way too long. Usually 5 hours per investigation and there is multiple of them like 2 per case.

Considering all the problems: Phoenix Wright still did more good than bad, all my criticisms are just nitpicks at this game so my final rating for this game is a NOT GUILTY verdict out of 10.



Posted by HenryStickmin242 - February 22nd, 2021

Guys, I am starting to review games via newgrounds. Just talking about games a personally think are interesting for a review, no matter the quality. I will have 4 main factors in the review. Graphics, Controls, Level design and Story.

Everything else are bonuses to help or hurt a game. Starting off the reviews, REACT WITH A HAPPY FACE IF YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. REACT WITH AN ANGRY FACE IF YOU WANT ME TO REVIEW: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destines.



Posted by HenryStickmin242 - February 8th, 2021

I cant believe this, A Game that was in digital hell, CAME BACK! That game I'm talkin about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World the game. Please buy this game. Its on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Stadia for $15. Also if you have the PS4 or the Xbox One copy, you can play that copy on PS5 and Xbox series X/S respectively. If you want a physical copy you can go to limited run. Just plz get this game so we can play online. Here is the link for limited run release: Switch Limited Run #94: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – Limited Run Games



Posted by HenryStickmin242 - January 13th, 2021

Sorry this is late but here are the top 10 flash games in my opinion.

10: Dig2China

9: Final fantasy Sonic X6

8: Sonic RPG eps.9

7: Sonic RPG eps.10 (thank god this released)

6: Abobo's Big Adventure

5: Fleeing the Complex (yup henry stickmin games are on here)

4: Bang Boom Splat!

3: Luigi's Mansion Pinball

2: Newgrounds Rumble

1!: Infiltrating the airship (my favorite henry stickmin game)

Leave a comment to let me know what you favorite Flash games are.


Posted by HenryStickmin242 - January 4th, 2021

Hey Guys, I got bad news, 2021 had started off rough because, Adobe has killed Flash which means no more Flash Games, PRESS F TO PAY RESPECTS. For this I want to release an album that says Top 10 flash games. So I will release it.


Posted by HenryStickmin242 - December 14th, 2020

I got the GPD XD Plus!

if you want to know what it is, here is the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP7Fh6mXt28&t=13s


Posted by HenryStickmin242 - December 4th, 2020

First, a thank you for my fans a hoping a merry early Christmas especially, my favorite fan, wolfbeanmemes (sorry if i spelled it wrong.) Secondly, I got The Henry Stickmin Collection and Among Us via steam. (thanks Kevin Kush) Have a merry christmas!(and prey to god you get a PS5) P.S: RIP charles press F to pay respects.

Posted by HenryStickmin242 - November 4th, 2020

Guys, I made a decision, I AM NOT LEAVING NEWGROUNDS! I got the rank: Presumed Dead bois.


Posted by HenryStickmin242 - November 3rd, 2020

Due to incovinces, I am leaving newgrounds forever! I'm sorry for my fans but if you want someone to blame, blame M-Bot.